Capella Cherry Cola RF Flavour Drops

Product code: CAP.69.0070.10

Product information

Capella Flavour Drops Chery Cola RF Flavour Concentrate

Capella Cherry Cola Flavour Concentrate gives the refreshing,
authentic taste of the classic soft drink. The cherry flavour
is quite light and delicate and does not threatens to
overwhelm the classic cola taste,

This is the new RF version (reduced flash-point).

This is a heavily concentrated flavouring which can be used

to be mixed for bakery or diy e-liquid.

Available in 10, 30 and 100ml bottles

Contains:- Natural and Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol and Water.

We import Capella flavour concentrates directly from the
 manufacturer in the USA. Re-bottled by Flavour-it here in
the UK on behalf of Capella into 10, 30 and 100ml bottles.



Product Code CAP.69.0070.10
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