We aim to dispatch all orders placed before 3:30pm Monday-Friday the same day and orders placed after 3:30pm or on the weekend the next working day.*

We send all standard orders via Royal Mail first class or. Most orders arrive the day after we post them –  we can’t guarantee this, unless you choose the next working day option at checkout.

We may automatically upgrade certain types of orders to a Royal Mail signed for, or courier service, at our discretion. If we do, this is completely free of charge to you.

Missing/Incorrect Items

If you have an item missing or the wrong item has been supplied please email us at within 48 hours of delivery. Please do not open any sealed packets of bottles without checking them, or use any items. We can’t accept incorrect item claims for products that have been opened or used.

Tips on Flavour Levels

It is certainly not always true, but often most flavours from a manufacturer will need mixing at similar strengths. So, for example, if you liked one Capella flavour at 10% (which is fairly low), it would probably be a good idea to mix test batches of other Capella flavours at around 10%.

Use your sense of smell. Generally, if a flavour smells very strong it will need a low percentage in the mix – and vice versa.

Flavours react very differently as they steep. Capella concentrates usually steep well and get stronger/better. Others can be stronger when first mix and then fade a little. Generally, fruit flavours can be more prone to fading, whereas rich, creamy flavours often get stronger. For this reason we recommend getting somewhere close to your flavour preference with a test mix and then leaving it to steep for a while before fine tuning.

If you have one flavour you like at 5% and another at 10% you can dilute the the 5% flavour with PG (1 part concentrate to one part PG) to make them similar strengths before mixing them together. Likewise, if you are regularly blending a flavour that works well at 2%, you couls premix it 4/1 with PG so you have a concentrate you can work with at 10%.

If you are making a higher VG liquid, bear in mind that VG isn’t as good at carrying flavour as PG so flavours can seem ‘muted’. For this reason you may need more flavour in a high VG mix.

It is much easier to rescue a mix that is under-flavoured than one that is over-flavoured!

Make notes on, label and date every test batch. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours perfecting the ultimate flavour and then not being able to recreate it.

Happy creating