The Flavor Apprentice TFA Peanut Butter

Product code: TFA.223.10

Product information

The Flavor Apprentice TFA Peanut Butter Concentrate Flavouring

Water Soluble

Is a creamy, rich peanut butter flavour.

There is no other active ingredients

this is just a flavour.

Available in 10, 30 and 100ml bottles.

Ingredients:- Flavourings and Propylene Glycol  

Contains Custard Ingredients:- Acetoin, Acetylpropionyl.

We import The Flavor Apprentice flavour concentrates directly from
the manufacturer in the USA. Re-bottled by Flavour-it here in the UK
on behalf of The Flavor Apprentice into 10, 30 and 100ml bottles.



Condition New
Product Code TFA.223.10
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